Imelda Akmal


Imelda Akmal, an architect who studied Architectural History, Theory and Critique at AA School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom. Beside Indonesia and UK, she had been lived in Singapore and Australia. She dedicated her life to write architecture and interior books. Then she established Imelda Akmal Architectural Writer Studio (IAAW Studio) in accordance with her commitment to introduce architects and their work to local and international public through the books.

The studio conducts every process of book composing, from the concept development, writing, styling, photography, layout design, up to the printing process with the publisher. Over a decade, IAAW Studio produced more than 80 architecture and interior books. Start from monthly edition, coffee table books and monographs. Many of them are best seller books.

Rio Febrian,

CEO of Polynates

Rio graduated from Visual Communication Design at State University of Malang, Indonesia. He started his career as professional CG artist since 2008. In Polynates, he responsible for project direction, research and development. Adjusting lighting and postproduction work has become his passion. Polynates is Award Winning Archviz Company in Indonesia.

Mande Austriono

Architect at DFORM

Mande is Founder and architect at DFORM, a creative studio concerned in designing and developing products either physical or digital, aims to delivering the aesthetic spirit in any shapes of relation between human and their activity within particular context in order to support vibrant built-environment in contemporary living.

He is the man behind co living concept in Indonesia. You can see DFORM design at his Instargram page @Mondodo

Reinaldo Handaya

CVO of 2G Studio &

2G Academy

Reinaldo Handaya is founder and 3D artist from 2G Studio since 2011. His clients is around the world and now 2G Studio become the leading architectural visualization studio in Indonesia.

He had 3D Architectural  Visualization Academy called 2G Academy. You can see the free tutorial at 2G Academy Youtube Channel!

Mario Wibowo

CEO of MWP Photography

Majoring in Architecture, Mario spent 7 years in the industry,including in a well-known architecture firm in Singapore. His passion in photography and architecture, has brought him to the professional world of architectural photography. He has been awarded the title ‘Associate of The Royal Photographic Society’ (ARPS) from United Kingdom.

Mario developed the brand Mario Wibowo Photography (MWP) at 2012. From behind the lens, Mario helps clients to document their works, build social network, and retell their stories from different platform. His works varies from wide shot angles that capture the whole mood of the built works, to tight shot angles that focus to details and structures.

Rheza Eka


After graduating Architecture degree in Parahyangan University, Rheza built KUNKUN and worked with big developers and architects in Indonesia and international such as Andramatin, Budipradono, PDW Architects, Agung Podomoro Land, Ciputra Group, WOW Architects, Ong&Ong and etc. His images clearly show his passion for Architectural Visualization. This year, Rheza finished his ArchViz Masterclass #39 at State of Art Academy, Italy; The International Training Center for Architectural Visualization and officially being licensed user for Corona. His method is post-production for Architectural Visualization.

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